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Starcraft 2 Lair Tactics

Learn about various tips and tricks for using the important Zerg Lair structure in StarCraft 2 in this informative eBook
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18 July 2012

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Zerg players are already aware of the fact that what kind of force Lair possesses. To use them effectively means is a sure shot to conquest. To aid you play with Lair successfully we offer you Starcraft 2 Lair Tactics 1.0, a guide to help you in every step. Lair constitutes all abilities of Hatchery along with various other capabilities that can make your defense formidable. As Lair is an advanced version of hatchery in case you want to convert Hatchery into the former you would need 150 minerals and 100 gases. Lair offers extra health as well as vision range that is required for maintains strong unit and structure. You can download the eBook of Lair Tactics simply from the internet and use it easily thanks to its easy language.

Using Lair you will be able to unlock 4 powerful Zerg buildings called as Hydralisk Den, Infestation Pit, Nydus Network and Spire. Hydralisk Den produces Hydralisks that can launch major air as well as ground attacks with equal effectiveness. Infestation Pit produces infestors that can cast offensive spells to thwart the enemy. The Spire structure is a defense that makes the air defense of Zergs frightening. The Nydus Network on the other hand enables Zerg players to move from one location to other within a fraction of a second. Besides all these clues you can learn whole lot of other tactics and strategies with this Starcraft2 Lair Tactics eBook. Just like other version of this book, it is also divided into three sections in which first part is introductory and second section is where most of the detail and strategy making is being properly written.

Learn all kind of tactics with Starcraft-2 Lair Tactics and enjoy the game to a completely different level. We rate it with a score of 3.5 on a scale of 5 for the amount of knowledge it contains.

Publisher's description

Learn about various tips and tricks for using the important Zerg Lair structure in StarCraft 2 in this informative eBook. You will also learn about the upgrades that are enabled from this building as well as about the technology that is unlocked by the Lair. The information in the eBook is separated into different sections.
All of the sections in the eBook are listed as follows:
-Starcraft 2 Lair Tactics
-Recommended Resources
The Introduction section introduces the topic of the eBook which is all about the Starcraft 2 Zerg structure called the Lair. The Starcraft 2 Lair Tactics section provides more detailed information about the topic of the eBook and provides additional information about the prerequisites for upgrading the Hatchery to a Lair.
The Recommended Resources section provides some extra links for the enterprising Starcraft 2 player to learn more about Starcraft 2 and other games.
Starcraft 2 Lair Tactics
Starcraft 2 Lair Tactics
Version 1.0
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